Q&A with filmmakers

Addiction…incarceration…family trauma. We’ve become a culture that enshrines pain, at the same time offering it as entertainment. But how can we go beyond the seductive reality show narrative of shattered lives?  Q&A to follow the screening with filmmakers. 1:17


These films are free of physical or verbal abuse toward people or animals. The only tears you might shed would be tears of joy for happy endings. The programs are designed for adult audiences but can be enjoyed by all members of the family, including mature children. 1:16


A Dog's Life (8 min) - Pieter Vandenabeele’s animated interpretation of a dog’s view of an ordinary day in his life.


Killing Me Softly (3 min) Deirdre Mendoza’s funny narrative imagines a dog park in Los Angeles, where a man-bun-sporting shaman creates social havoc. 


Riders of the Arctic  (26 min) Hilse De Groote’s documentary looks at the Arctic dog sledding race that is the  largest in Europe, with contestants from all over the world - focussing on.the bond between the dogs and their mushers.


Fospice Dog Sid (3 min)  Maggie Amiano’s documentary about the last-chance-at-happiness adoption of Sid, a little old sick dog, who got a very happy last chapter in his life.

Imperfect Adventure (5 min) Mallory Paige’s documentary chronicles her decision to overcome doubts and fears to become the adventurer she'd always envisioned - riding across North America in a motorcycle, with her dog in the sidecar. 


It's a Potcake Life (30 min) Evelyn Osorio Vaccaro’s heart-warming documentary follows the indigenous stray dogs of the Bahamas - called Potcakes - and the happy endings facilitated by an island of dedicated rescuers. 


Ooh la la (1 min) Erika Fischerkeller’s witty animation explores the relationship between males, females and dogs. Inspired by the French Poodle.

Q&A with filmmakers

Join the three winners along with the cast and crew of the 2019 Teen Screenwriting Competition as they premiere their movies at this red carpet event. The three films were made during the Columbus College of Art & Design's Film & Video Camp. Q&A to follow the screening with writers/directors/producers.

Take a Chance 8 minutes

Trial 31 5 minutes

Vivid 7 minutes

Additional Selections:

Wake Up! 3 minutes

An alarm clock is tasked with waking up a heartbroken young man and possibly winning her back again.

Left Turn 2 8 minutes

Left Turn 2 was produced to generate constructive conversation around the issue of racial division and consider what actions people can take to build bridges.

Toymaker 7 minutes

A toymaker’s five-year-old daughter sees a carnival in a picture book and wants to go. The toymaker can’t take her, so instead starts building a miniature, detailed recreation of the picture book scenes.

Red Omen (Animation, Music Video) 4 minutes

Award winning Canadian singer songwriter Ed Roman along with animator extraordinaire Nelson Diaz from There Be Dragons Creative Media in NYC have created an exquisite animation to the title track of Ed Roman’s latest album Red Omen. The message is for awareness of Dyslexia.


When it's Christmas time in Texas, all things are possible as long as there is a chance of snow. The Walsh family is going through changes this Christmas: Tyler wants to get engaged, Faith's husband is deployed for their first Christmas together and Kris is finishing high school and pondering her future. It makes for a bleak holiday when it all comes to a head one snow-less Christmas. The family needs a little help from ol' St. Nick if they're going to stay together. 1:30




The first of two blocks of Ohio Shorts. 1:33

Secouer 11 minutes

A dancer struggles between her passion of contemporary dance and her chronic epilepsy. Through her unhealthy coping mechanisms, she must explore the relationships between art, the artist, and the audience.

Butterfly in the Livingroom 5 minutes

Journey along with a pulsating orb on its adventure though an ever-changing landscape of strange scenes and stranger inhabitants. A found-art vision, hand crafted entirely with cutouts from vintage photos and illustrations.

A Quiet Record Store Isn't Right 8 minutes

Record shop workers gather after hours to make one final mixtape; music and farewells can be a weird trip.

The Baker Brothers 9 minutes

Alan and Eddy Baker are always getting into some kind of trouble. On a hot summer morning in rural Alabama, they decide to take it to the next level; armed robbery. The only problem is they have absolutely no idea what they're doing.

Far Shores - Love Someone (Music Video) 5 minutes

A man and woman encounter each other in the forest and there's a brutal tension between them. Clearly there's a history to their dissension, but the chase and the fight eventually leads them to a place many couples find all too familiar.

Flopsee & Buttercup 18 minutes

After 25 years as a professional clown, Flopsee develops stage fright and is booed at a children's birthday party. Accused of "going number two" in his pants and fired from the clowning agency, Flopsee refuses to take his costume off. Despite couples therapy and ultimatums from his wife, he pushes his marriage to the brink. Clinically depressed, he lies in bed all day. On the rare occasions when Flopsee leaves the house, he has vicious custard pie fights with the local clowns.

Swing Shift 13 minutes

After enduring a New Year's Eve serving sloshed idiots - manager, Elle, and her employee, Paul, savor some moments of peace & quiet cleaning up their bar. But as the two wind down, a blizzard outside picks up - and mere small talk snowballs into more than they expected.

Curtains 24 minutes

"Curtains" tells the story of a struggling artistic director of an avant-garde theatre who is cosmically punished for his uncompromising approach to Art. It’s a fast, intelligent, Spinal Tap-esque indie film about a die-hard purist in a world of sell-outs — and it has struck a chord with festival audiences across the country.

Lovesick 10 minutes

A romantic comedy scenario told from two wildly different perspectives, the man doing the wooing and the woman responding.

The Way You Saw Me 6 minutes

Cindy, alone, grieves the War's end. After her husband Tom returns, her only companion, Barbara, withdraws. As fantasy meets reality, Cindy slips away...the past her only reprieve.



Censoring Nuremberg 15 minutes

Dr. Arnold Joseph, Professor Emeritus of Modern Languages, taught French at Denison University in Ohio from 1963-1990. In another life, Arnie was a translator of mail to and from Nazi prisoners in Germany at the Nuremberg Trials after War War II. Censoring Nuremberg chronicles his time at the trials.

Capital in the Sixties 51 minutes

Whether it be a student, faculty member, or distinguished alumni, when someone hears the name Capital University, they think of the people who have made up their college experience. They think of the Capfam. They think of a home. For over a century and a half, Capital has been a center of community, education, and growth.

The Fifth Mode 27 minutes

A group of international college students from the University of Cincinnati have a chance to qualify for the first ever SpaceX-Hyperloop Competition. To become one of the coveted 30 finalists, they will spend over 18 months competing against 1200 teams from across the globe.

The Reason We're Still Here 15 minutes

Over the last decade, the Rust Belt city of Youngstown, Ohio, has become increasingly divided between those in support of job development and those who seek to protect access to clean drinking water. 




The best of the Ohio shorts submissions compete for the coveted $500 big check presented by the Mid Ohio Filmmakers Association. 1:50

The Markov Chain 21 minutes

A small-time petty thief stumbles upon a lost iPhone in the New York City subway.

Here & Beyond 17 minutes

A scientist is diagnosed with dementia and, with the help of his angsty teenage neighbor, attempts to use a time machine to relive the memories of his deceased wife.

The M.I.C.E. in the Wall 16 minutes

In Central Erie, Ohio, a top secret mental hospital captures and governs over mentally ill youth living in the small town. Danielle Jennings, an escapee of the facility, fights to expose the facility's wrongdoings to the outside world, but she needs the help of an estranged facility doctor, Mark Benson.

Poor Baby 7 minutes

Darlene Tate is nine months pregnant and fiercely independent, and means to raise her baby on her own if she's approved for a loan. When her loan is denied she resorts to desperate measures.

He Sees You When You're Sleeping 9 minutes

A disgruntled man who doesn't believe in Santa gets a horrifying visit one blustery Christmas Eve night...

Colorfool 11 minutes

In search of his own self-esteem, an enigmatic man has the mission of bringing joy and hope to a children's hospital.

Where The Shadows Fall 9 minutes

After being caught kidnapping a woman, a murdering psychopath hunts down the photographer to silence the loose end.

The Black Basilisk 10 minutes

A woman, trying to get away with murder, receives help from the creature who lives in the drain under her bathroom sink. A short horror story in the vein of 'The Twilight Zone'.

Stairwell Stories 10 minutes

Paths cross in the stairwell of a college dormitory as students face, what they believe to be, defining moments of their adult lives.


Grand Prize

Audience Award

Tito's Best Documentary Award

Best Ohio Feature

Best Ohio Short

Best FFOCOL Short

Spirit of FFOCOL


The tragic true story of best friends Steve Driver and Tom Dong, two low end porn actors who sought fame but gained infamy.

Click here to watch clip.


In 2016, June and Edward are in the midst of an argument when Edward suddenly falls into a wormhole created by David Bowie's death. In 2040, June continues to mourn the loss of Edward while facing the dark reality of being locked away along with the rest of society's senior citizens. Unwilling to disappear, June begins to plan her escape when Edward suddenly reappears in her life.


Dick died last night, and Zeke and Earl don't want anybody finding out how. That's too bad though, cause news travels fast in small-town Alabama.

Click here to watch trailer.

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